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6 Ways to Overcome Fear of Success

Have you ever thought that the fear of success might be holding you back? Everyone wants to be successful, right? But most people don’t realize that a big obstacle to success is the belief that they are not able to be successful or happy or even deserving. If this sounds like you, here are six ways you can overcome your fear of success and finally believe in yourself.

1. Switch up your mindset

Negative thoughts are the number one killer of success. A negative mindset encourages self-doubt and fear and sets up a never-ending series of trip wires for your self-image. Luckily the human brain is eminently reprogrammable, and you can change your negative self-talk right now.

Build a positive mindset by focusing on being grateful for what’s good in your life, practice mindfulness and turn that self-talk around.

2. Redefine your version of success

Success means different things to different people. Not everyone wants to be the CEO of a blue-chip company. You might want to develop a sustainable, eco-friendly company or write a bestseller or run a yoga studio. Take time out to think through your beliefs, your values and what a successful life looks like for you.

3. Be intentional

Once you know what you want to achieve, make a plan. Set out your big goal and all the smaller goals and milestones you need to hit to get there. Work out what skills and resources you’ll need along the way, and plan for success.

4. Reframe failure

Fear of failure can be at the root of your fear of success. The prospect of success is a risk. What if it all falls apart? You can reframe failure by acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has failures, big and small, in their lives. The key is how you react to failure. Don’t let the fear of failure define you. Choose to see failure as a stepping stone to success, and an opportunity to learn.

5. Accept discomfort

It’s easy to stay in a comfortable life, hanging onto your security. But security is an illusion. Life can change course at any time. If you accept that discomfort is a necessary part of life, you’ll be better equipped to deal with whatever comes your way. You’ll be better prepared to take risks and follow opportunities that lead to success.

6. Celebrate your milestones

Success never happens overnight. Chances are, your fear-blinders are stopping you from seeing what you’ve already achieved. Look back and see how far you’ve come. Celebrating all your milestones, big and small, will build your energy and motivate you to even greater success.