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3 Ways to Develop a Bulletproof Business Mindset

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. when you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” ― Arnold Schwarzenegger

My first foray into becoming an entrepreneur was a screen-printing business. I bought a used press from a friend and put it in my garage, set up a developing area in my utility room, and used my computer and laser printer to create the screens. It was barely functional but it did the job for simple designs. 

I printed shirts and a few odds and ends, and when I lost my day job I decided to make a go of it. 

It didn’t last long. I didn’t know how to market myself. I didn’t realize what you really need to do to make a business work. I closed up shop and found another day job. 

I hadn’t developed my business mindset yet.

Creating and running a successful business demands a lot. It requires that you learn to manage your time well, to juggle different responsibilities, be creative, innovative, and aware of your competition.

It can feel like you’re constantly putting out fires, dealing with one emergency after the next, just to keep going. Through the years, I’ve learned that when failure seems like it’s just around the corner, a strong resolve and a bulletproof mindset can make all the difference. 

Running a successful business is not for the faint of heart. Although some people are naturally more determined and competitive than others, everyone can train themselves to have grit and determination.

Here are three ways you can use to strengthen and build your mindset.

Focus on your goals and know your ‘Why

Why do you want to have your own business? What is it you want?

Freedom? To help others? To leave a legacy for your family? Recognition?

There are no right or wrong answers other than it must be yours. It must resonate with you. Your ‘why’ can help define everything you do when it comes to strengthening your mind.

People have been known to have the strength to lift a car off of their children when they had no other choice. In a normal situation, they’d never have the strength to do such a thing. 

But when their ‘why’ was threatened, they did what they needed to and got the job done. 

When you have clarity and know what you’re working for, you can dig deep and keep going. It becomes easier to make sacrifices when you can see the big picture.

Knowing your why and focusing on your goals automatically makes your mindset stronger.

Build Momentum

Start your day by doing the most important task. Remove any distractions and find your focus. Procrastination is a momentum killer and can make you lose belief in yourself and your mission.

Don’t let entropy in, it becomes a habit. Keep momentum going every single day. 

One key to a stronger mindset is knowing that you’re doing the best you can. If you’re slacking off and you know you’re not giving your all, you open the door to doubt. 

But if every day you’re on point and you know that you’re doing your best, it won’t matter if a setback occurs. You’ll take failure as feedback, and move forward with persistence.

Keep an eye on your habits

Warren Buffet said, “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.”

We all have positive and negative habits. Start noticing and tracking your habits. 

Write down the habits that help you, and the habits that hurt you.  

Begin to eliminate one negative habit at a time.

As you eliminate negative habits, you reduce the chances of self sabotage. For example, if you have a habit of scrolling on social media instead of working on your business, you’re wasting time and distracting yourself from what’s truly important. 

By getting rid of this habit you’ll have more energy and time to focus on your business. This develops a mental edge – knowing that you’ve eliminated a bad habit. This edge is EVERYTHING when it comes to a strong mindset. 

The knowledge that you have control and the power to overcome a challenge gives you the courage and determination to overcome the next one.

This is the dilemma. Doing creates the mindset. Work on improving yourself FIRST and develop a stronger mindset as a result. 

Affirmations, motivational books, gratitude journaling, and other techniques all help. Hiring a coach or working with a mentor helps even more. 

To develop your bulletproof mindset, start by overcoming small habits. Build momentum and practice by moving onto larger challenges. This develops a powerful mindset that easily takes on any challenge that comes your way.

Years after my screen printing business I now have a successful coaching practice. I’m solid in my why. I’m clear about the type of person I can best support. I’ve developed my mindset to meet the challenges head-on. When I hear negative self-talk, I recognize it and turn it around with a simple ‘yet’. I’m excited about the future and learning more and more all the time.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.